The virtual BassLine Buster Std 8 plug-in

As a producer you’re always keen on the perfect tone and sound to make your production unique. We’ve sampled this special, octaved 8-String high-class bass guitar and put it into a plug-in. It’s a plug-in that gives you an unique and realistic sounding “copy” of the original bass. Instead of using the same virtual bass over and over again, why not try out something new?

Details about the upcoming BassLine Buster Std 8 virtual instrument

The instrument was handcrafted in Krefeld, Germany. It features active electronics and custom components, like a special ETS bridge. The plug-in offers you different playing styles inclusive alternate picking and many more stuff.

✔️Unique 8-String octaved bass sound
✔️Lowest tone: C1 (drop C tuning)
✔️Highest tone: G4 (24th fret, regular tuning)
✔️Velocity regulates power
✔️Easy to use for beginners
✔️Key switches for power-users
✔️Finger style
✔️Pick style
✔️Automatic alternate picking
✔️Palm mute
✔️Slides and bending
✔️Hammer on
✔️Pull off
✔️Output: Unprocessed clean DI (processed tones will be added in the next version)
✔️High resolution samples with lossless compression

VST3-Compatible with DAWs under Windows and Mac OS (64-Bit), e.g. Steinberg Cubase, Ableton Live, Reaper, Mixcraft and may more. No Kontakt Player needed!

Version 1.0.3

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