January 2021 Update

We just updated our VST3 plugins BassLine handcrafted basses and BassLine Buster Std 8 to version 1.1.5. Besides smaller corrections and improvements, this version brings you a really great new feature: Humanization.

When you turn on this feature, the plugin uses an efficient and intelligent approach to produce a way more “human” sounding output. We recorded a lot of additional samples to make this possible. It sounds great, even when playing the same note for many bars, like in a good old rock song.

In the following video I’m giving you a very quick demonstration. I downloaded a metal song (“Manowar – Kings Of Metal“) in MIDI format from the internet. The song is good for this comparison, because the bass plays the same notes for some bars. I’ve loaded it into my DAW and selected and the BassLine plugin for the bass. No optimizations, no effects, not even a bass amp. This is the pure clean sound from the instrument.

Without humanization you can notice it sounds always the same, because it’s the same sample over and over again. With the humanization on it’s hard to hear a difference between a real bass player and the plugin.

Would you hear a difference without knowing it? And keep in mind, this demo is far from perfect. It’s unmixed, without any effects and the other instruments are muted.

Stay tuned for more updates and demos.

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