Official press release: BassLine Buster Std 8 VST3 plug-in

This virtual bass plug-in is the first of its kind – with octave strings

The market is filled with great MIDI bass plug-ins – 4-strings, 5-strings, fretless, jazz, precision, etc., it’s all there, in different qualities from free to expensive. Now the small company ”Pfundstein Audio Plugins” offers an octave 8-string bass guitar with string pairs like you know it from 12-string guitars, sampled as a virtual instrument, available for VST3 hosts under Windows and macOS:
BassLine Buster Std 8 VST3 plug-in
The original bass guitar was handcrafted in Germany by the instrument manufacturer “BassLine”, the specialists of professional bass guitars. World-class electronics and premium custom components like the special ETS bridge and the unique headstock make this instrument truly an eyecatcher.
Not only the optic is unique, also the sound. 8-string basses like this are a perfect fit for ballads, melodic rock songs and epic tracks, outperforming normal basses with a massive tone. While not everybody is keen on this special sound, we all must agree it’s truly special.
Producers and song-writers now have the opportunity to get this special sound as virtual bass using any VST3 compatible DAW, like for example Cubase from Steinberg. The plug-in comes with a very simple GUI and is good for beginners and advanced users, who are interested in more features like different playing styles, alternative picking, slides, hammer on/pull of etc.
Also, the plug-in comes with two pre-amped sounds and the clean instrument output, so you can re-amp the signal with your own equipment or special amp simulation plug-ins.
All samples are in high resolution with lossless compression to save space on your hard drive. Honestly, the plug-in does not yet have as many samples and features as the big players in the market, but it’s great sounding and the very only plug-in with the unique 8-string sound. For a fair price you can add this instrument to your collection and benefit from one sound-option more. Especially when you’re working on epic tracks you should consider to get the plug-in. For more information about this plug-in or the “BassLine handcrafted basses” bundle, please visit
Pfundstein Audio Plugin is a new and small player in the plug-in world. They proudly released their first plug-in with the unique sounding octave 8-string bass to bring some real value in the niche of special-sounding virtual bass guitars. According to the company, the plan is to create an even bigger 8-String plug-in with more options, depending on the market interest in such an instrument.


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