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We just love to sample real-world instruments and bring them into the digital world as audio plug-in so you can use it in your production. What makes us most proud: We were the first and only company with an virtual “octaved” 8-string bass. A new, unique sound, that no other plug-in can give you. For those of you who don’t know: This instrument is the equivalent of an 12-string guitar. Just as a bass. A massive sound, available in our products BassLine Buster Std 8-String and in the bundle BassLine handcrafted basses.

The BassLine original instruments were handcrafted in Krefeld, Germany, featuring everything you would expect from a professional custom-made instrument 🤩

Recently we also released our latest product, the Virtual Sandberg Basic Ken Taylor RW 4-string bass guitar, which was also manufactured in Germany. Actually, Sandberg is the second largest bass company in Germany, producing absolute top-quality instruments.

Screenshot Virtual Sandberg Plug-In

Since Pfundstein Audio Plugins is also a German-based company we appreciate the cooperation to our regional partners 🙏

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