Virtual BassLine Buster Std8 plus


We are in love with the massive sound of octaved 8-string basses. That’s why we were the first to sample such a unique instrument for MIDI. And now we’ve done it again with an all-new custom 8-string instrument.

Add this singular-sounding instrument to your DAW and experience superior tonal richness for your audio productions.


Building upon the success of our first virtual 8-string bass, this new plug-in boasts enhanced sampling, more velocity layers, better overall quality, and a refined GUI. The new “plus” version of the original custom bass represents a significant upgrade, featuring a stereo output to capture both pickup signals separately.

Screenshot of the plug-in.

If you have never heard about 8-string basses with octave strings, you may wonder what this is all about. Just like 12-string guitars, it features pairs of strings.

An 8-string bass produces a distinctive and dynamic sound profile. With its extended range, it offers deep, resonant lows akin to a traditional bass, while also delivering higher octaves with clarity and precision. This unique combination results in a full-bodied, harmonically rich tone that adds depth and complexity to any musical composition.

Without a doubt, such a foundational bass sound will make your audio production stand out from others.

Let’s have a look at all the features:

βœ… Unique 8-String octaved bass sound
βœ… Great sounding quality custom bass
βœ… Lowest tone: C1 (drop C tuning)
βœ… Highest tone: G4 (24th fret)
βœ… Velocity regulates power
βœ… Easy to use for beginners
βœ… Easy humanization function for realistic-sounding playing
βœ…Β Multiple velocity groups and round robin mechanism under the hood
βœ… Key switches for advanced users
βœ… Finger style
βœ… Pick style (upstroke and downstroke)
βœ… Automatic alternate picking
βœ… Slapping
βœ… Tapping
βœ… Palm mute
βœ… Slides and bending
βœ… Hammer-on
βœ… Pull-off
βœ… Adjust attack and release behaviour via automation parameter
βœ… Various pickup options:
βœ… Humbucker & Single Coil by EMG
βœ… Bridge bass pickup
βœ… Neck guitar pickup
βœ… Unprocessed clean DI output
βœ… One processed amped output
βœ…Β High-resolution samples with lossless compression

Demos and samples:

Technical details:

You need a DAW with VST3 or AU compatibility such as Cubase, Ableton Live, Reaper, Bitwig, Presonus Studio, FL Studio, Mixcraft, or others. If you have another DAW as mentioned above, please check if your DAW supports the β€œVST3” or β€œAU” (Audio Units) format.

System requirements:

– AMD or Intel multi-core CPU (e.g. Intel i7 or AMD Ryzen processors)
– 64-bit macOS or Windows
– 8 GB of RAM or more
– about 8 GB of free HDD storage or more

This is not a physical product which means there is no shipping.
You can download this digital product after the purchase.

14 day money back guarantee, if it does not work on your machine.

VST compatible


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