BassLine handcrafted basses


With this bundle you get two world-class handcrafted bass guitars, “virtualized” as MIDI instrument in one plug-in.

The first instrument is a modern 4-string bass and the second instrument is a very unique-looking and unique-sounding 8-string bass – both ready for your DAW 🤩


Handcrafted custom instruments – that’s what you can expect from BassLine, Germany. The company from Krefeld builds nothing but world-class bass guitars from finest woods and premium components. We “virtualized” two of their instruments and turned it into a VST3 and AU plug-in, so you can use it in your production.

BassLine Buster CW 4 – the modern regular 4-String

Screenshot VST3 Plugin: BassLine Handcrafted basses v.1

This 4-String bass features a beautiful black limba top wood and a swamp ash body. The neck and fretboard is actually made of maple, turned into black stain. And he sounds just as good as it looks. 😍

BassLine Buster Std 8 – the unique sounding 8-String (like a 12-String guitar)

You maybe know 12-String guitars and the special sound of it. But how about an octaved bass? 🤔 Well, here you have it! 🧐 Hint: This sound is perfect for epic productions that require just some uniqueness.

If you find the original bass interesting and what to know more, check out this article, released by the manufacturer itself.

Plug-in features overview

✅ Awesome-sounding regular 4-String bass (BassLine Buster CW 4)
✅ Unique 8-String bass sound with octave strings (BassLine Buster Std 8)
✅ Optimised for rock and metal music
✅ Good for other genres, too
✅ Lowest tone: C1 (drop C tuning)
✅ Highest tone: G4 (24th fret, regular tuning)
✅ Easy to use for beginners (articulation by velocity)
✅ Humanize function for realistic sounding playing
✅ Key switches for power-users
✅ Finger style
✅ Picked style
✅ Automatic alternate picking
✅ Slapping
✅ Tapping
✅ Palm mute
✅ Slides and bending features
✅ Hammer-on
✅ Pull-off
✅ Unprocessed clean DI to use you own amp/fx plugin
✅ High-resolution samples with lossless compression

The usage of the plug-in is simple, the basics are just like you know it from other MIDI instruments. Plus we have some special features with key switches, if you’re a power user who wants even more!

Technical details:

This is not a physical product which means there is no shipping.
You can download this digital product after the purchase. 💪

You need a DAW with VST3 or AU compatibility such as Cubase, Ableton Live, Reaper, Bitwig, Presonus Studio, FL Studio, Mixcraft or other. If you have another DAW as the mentioned above, please check if your DAW supports the “VST3” or “AU” (Audio Units) format.

System requirements:
– AMD or Intel multi-core CPU (e.g. Intel i7 or AMD Ryzen processors)
– 64-bit macOS or Windows
– 8 GB of RAM or more
– about 2 GB of free HDD storage or more

VST compatible 

3 thoughts on “BassLine handcrafted basses

  1. Ferenc Mosolyhozó Molnár says:

    I was searching for my bass guitar plugin for long time. Now I think the search is over, I found the right one. 👍
    I’m not a guitarist so I can’t compare it to the real thing. But I love its sound and I think it can inspire me.

  2. Akin Fatunmbi says:

    A well designed plugin, delivering characterful bass tones. The developer was very helpful with regards to my set up query. Surprisingly versatile, I recomend both basses.

  3. SVDE says:

    hey there,

    i just wanted to shoot you guys a quick message & let you know that i’ve been using yr ‘handcrafted bass’ plugin for 3/4 months now (i think, i may be off on the time). i’m a rampant plugin-jumper, always trying to find what works for me, and things like bass and guitar are always something i have a huge sticking point with regarding quality/usability.

    while it may not be heavily feature-laden (something i tend to prefer in most circumstances), this has honestly been one of the best i have ever used, and i’ve used a lot of them. whenever i need a real bass sound, it is my default go-to (and this is coming from a bassist who just doesn’t have access to instruments right now)

    if yr into this sort of thing (not all plugin devs are, and please don’t feel obligated to listen), here are a few tracks i’ve made (i did JAMUARY 2021 – a song per day last month) using it.

    thank you for yr amazing work, and i look forward to future projects


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