BassLine Buster Std 8-String (VST3/AU plugin)


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This is the first ever virtual 8-string bass guitar plugin: the handcrafted BassLine Buster Std 8. The original bass was sampled and put into VST3/AU format, so you can use it as MIDI instrument in your DAW.

Add this unique sounding instrument now to your virtual instruments collection!


As a producer you’re always keen on the perfect tone and sound to make your production unique. We’ve sampled this special, octaved 8-String high-class bass guitar and put it into a plug-in. It’s a plug-in that gives you an unique and realistic sounding “copy” of the original bass. Instead of using the same virtual bass over and over again, why not try out something new?

Plugin window in your DAW

The instrument was handcrafted in Krefeld, Germany. It features active electronics and custom components, like a special ETS bridge. The plug-in offers you different playing styles inclusive alternate picking and many more stuff.

If you find the original bass interesting and what to know more, check out this article, released by the manufacturer itself.

Plug-in features

โœ… Unique 8-String bass sound with octave strings
โœ… Perfect fit for melodic rock and epic tracks
โœ… Great for other genres, too
โœ… Lowest tone: C1 (drop C tuning)
โœ… Highest tone: G4 (24th fret, regular tuning)
โœ… Humanize function for realistic sounding playing
โœ… Easy to use for beginners (articulation by velocity)
โœ… Key switches for power-users
โœ… Finger style
โœ… Pick style
โœ… Automatic alternate picking
โœ… Slapping
โœ… Tapping
โœ… Palm mute
โœ… Slides and bending
โœ… Hammer on
โœ… Pull off
โœ… High resolution samples with lossless compression
โœ… Unprocessed clean DI to use you own amp/fx plugin
โœ… Includes three amped output options
(Clean amp, Dirty rock amp, Overdrive pedal + amp)

Technical details

You need a DAW with VST3 or AU compatibility such as Cubase, Ableton Live, Reaper, Bitwig, Presonus Studio, FL Studio, Mixcraft or other. If you have another DAW as the mentioned above, please check if your DAW supports the “VST3” or “AU” (Audio Units) format.

Recommended hardware requirements:
โ€“ AMD or Intel multi-core CPU (e.g. Intel i7 or AMD Ryzen processors)
โ€“ 4 GB of RAM (we recommend 8 GB or more)
โ€“ about 2 GB of free HDD storage or more

This is not a physical product, this means there’s no shipping.
You can download this digital product after the purchase.

14 day money back guarantee, if it does not work on your machine!

VST compatible





Demos and samples

You’re curious and want to hear more? Check out this stuff:

2 thoughts on “BassLine Buster Std 8-String (VST3/AU plugin)

  1. Peter says:

    This is actually sounding really unique. Certainly not for every song, but I like the 8-String sound, reminds me of a 12-String guitar actually.


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